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Our office in the Marshall Building is now open!  You can reach The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies, Monday–Friday 8am-4pm, by phone at 520-626-5758 or by emailing either or Jackie Schmidt at  You may reach Martha Castleberry by phone at 520-626-5765 or by emailing  You may reach all faculty members by their email addresses posted on this website. Thank you!

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The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies

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We owe much of our success to the Friends of Judaic Studies, whose commitment to our shared vision of offering a quality Jewish education to the students at The University of Arizona keeps us motivated and inspired.



Mission Statement

The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies’ mission is to contribute to the overall goals of The University of Arizona by promoting advanced scholarship, by translating faculty research into dynamic undergraduate instruction, and by contributing to the community through educational outreach and professional advising. We seek to transmit, interpret and critique Jewish historical, religious, and cultural traditions for the benefit of present and future generations.


The Judaic Studies Program dates back to 1975 when it was one of five programs within the department of Oriental Studies. In 1990 Oriental Studies was dissolved and Judaic Studies became the Committee on Judaic Studies within the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.  In 2004 The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies was established. Today the Center offers a diverse array of courses in Jewish history, religion, culture, and language.  Because of its unique relationship with other departments within the University of Arizona system, the Center has been able to expand its offerings to include the study of Judaica across different cultures and times, as well as varying disciplines. The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies Hebrew Program  is one of the largest and most robust Hebrew language programs in the country.  Modern Hebrew has been offered at  The University of Arizona since 1949, when courses in modern Hebrew were offered through the Department of Classics.  In addition to Modern Hebrew, the center also offers courses in Biblical Hebrew and Classical Aramaic.