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The Hebrew Language Program


Uri Maimon, Coordinator of the
Modern Hebrew Program

Naomi Tor, Hebrew Instructor

Beth Alpert Nakhai,  Associate Professor
J. Edward Wright, Director and The J. Edward Wright Endowed Professor of Judaic Studies

J. Edward Wright, Director and The J. Edward Wright Endowed Professor of Judaic Studies

Our Hebrew Language Program offers courses in Modern Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew and Classical Aramaic.  If you have previously studied Hebrew you should speak to Uri Maimon, the Hebrew Program Coordinator in order to be placed in the appropriate level of Hebrew.

The Hebrew Credit by Exam process will allow you to earn Hebrew language credit for Hebrew you have taken elsewhere. 

We keep class sizes small and our students learn not only Hebrew, but the rich, cultural heritage that accompanies the language.

Questions? Contact Uri Maimon.


Modern Hebrew is the core of the Judaic Studies Major but many UA students enroll in Modern Hebrew to fulfill the UA’s Foreign Language Requirement.  We offer introductory, intermediate and advanced Modern Hebrew.

  • Hebrew Language Placement
    If you have previously studied Hebrew and you want to place in higher level of Hebrew, contact Uri Maimon, Coordinator of the Hebrew Program, for appropriate Hebrew placement. 
  • Hebrew Language Credit-by-Exam
    If you are a degree-seeking student who has previously studied Modern Hebrew, and you want to place in a higher level of Hebrew and you want to receive credit for the lower levels, contact us.  You might be able to test out of Hebrew all together.  Testing for some levels must be fully completed and graded before the 7th week of classes
  • Hebrew Language Proficiency Exams
    If you have studied Modern Hebrew but you don't need the credit or grade, you can have upper division language Proficiency/Competency appear on your transcripts. This is a rare occurrence and most students opt for the Hebrew Credit by Exam.


Biblical Hebrew will teach you basic grammar and syntax of the Hebrew Bible and be how to translate narrative prose. You will also gain some experience in translating poetic texts.


We also offer Classical Aramaic! The course emphasizes grammar and reading comprehension and covers the fundamentals of Standard Literary or Imperial Aramaic grammar, the place of Aramaic within the Semitic languages, and introduces you to texts written in different Aramaic dialects.


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