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Welcome To The Arizona Center For Judaic Studies

The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies seeks to explore people in all their marvelous diversity, as individuals, within their own communities, and within their larger societies. Our expertise in Judaic languages, history, religion, and culture provide a deep understanding of Jews and Judaism on their own terms through time and across cultures. Our faculty, courses, other academic resources, and lecture series offer educational opportunities for University of Arizona students, for the Tucson community, and for interested parties nationally and internationally.  We enrich the life of our community by offering scholarship on one of the oldest and most influential civilizations in human history.

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Past Lectures

Israel Studies

Hebrew Program


Contradictions & Tropes of Antisemitism International Conference
Antisemitism continues to plague our world. It appears in a wide range of forms from ill-informed statements to murderous rampages. That it never... read more
You've Got It All Wrong About Water
Dr. Itzchak Kornfeld has litigated numerous environmental and water disputes. Scarcity of water, high population density, power imbalances, and... read more
Speaking to Power: What's Next for Religious Institutions after #MeToo?
Panel discussion on religion and the #MeToo Movement is being held on Tuesday, October 15th at 7pm in the UA Poetry Center  https://... read more


Time for Celebration!
The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies celebrates 70 years of offering Judaic Studies courses at The University of Arizona!

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