Hebrew Credit-by-Exam

Also known as the Special Examination for Credit and Grade, the Hebrew Credit by Exam is a written exam that can be taken by any student currently enrolled in a degree program.

If you have prior knowledge of Modern Hebrew, with the approval of the Coordinator of the Hebrew Program, you can take up to four exams and earn credit for JUS 103A, 103B, 203A, and 203B.

Please note that deadlines apply. More information can be found in the frequently asked questions below and on the UA Catalog's Testing Policy.

UA Language Testing Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you are enrolled in a Modern Hebrew course, then yes, there's a deadline. For example, if you are enrolled in 203A but want to take the Hebrew Credit by Exam for 103A and 103B, then you have to take the test before the seventh week of classes. There is no deadline if you are not currently enrolled in a Modern Hebrew class.

Yes. All Hebrew Credit by Exams are graded and that grade will be calculated into your GPA. There is no longer the option to take the Hebrew Credit by Exam for pass/fail.

No. An exam and a class are not considered the same. In order to replace a grade for a class, you will need to enroll in the Grade Replacement Opportunity through the Registrar's Office. You can take the Hebrew Credit by Exam test for a Modern Hebrew course that you didn't pass, but that grade will still remain on your transcript, as well as the Hebrew Credit by Exam grade. Confused? Call the department at (520) 626-5758.

Yes. The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies has a $30 processing fee that will be applied to your Bursar's account. The University of Arizona Bursar's Office charges $21.00 a credit hour ($105 total) and The Testing Office has a $15 processing fee. Things change, so you should contact those offices for exact fee amounts.

Perhaps. While faculty members are under no obligation to assist with test preparation they might be able to steer you in the right direction and recommend study material. Occasionally there might be a tutor available, however, studying and preparing for the exam is entirely up to you.

  1. Start with Uri Maimon, Coordinator of the Modern Hebrew Program. No one can test without Uri Maimon's consent. Once you have that, you will be sent to the Judaic Studies' Office to complete the necessary forms.
  2. You'll take the forms you receive in the Judaic Studies Office to the UA Bursar's Office to pay the registration fees for the class.
  3. Return the forms along with your paid receipt to the Judaic Studies Office. We will then notify the Testing Office that you may schedule your exam.
  4. The exams are scheduled and administered in The Testing Office. You can pay the testing fee and then schedule the test at any time, but you won't be allowed to test without the necessary forms.
  5. Once you've tested, the exam will be delivered to Judaic Studies for grading. Once graded, it will appear on your transcript.

Contact Information

  1. Authorization to test: Jackie Schmidt, Outreach Coordinator
    (520) 626-5759 or jan1@arizona.edu
  2. Application to test: The Judaic Studies Office (520) 626-5765, Martha Castleberry
  3. Questions: The Judaic Studies Office (520) 626-5765, Martha Castleberry