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JUS Major Information


Students can email the JUS Advisor to declare the JUS Major.

JUS Advisor Contact: Christopher Cruz, cbcruz75@email.arizona.edu


31 units required. A minimum of 21 units must be upper division (numbered 300-499). Minimum 2.00 GPA required. See JUS Major Checklist (PDF).

JUS Core Class: JUS 301 – Jewish Civilization (3 units)

JUS Elective Courses (23 units)

4th Semester Language Requirement (Hebrew language, JUS 203B – 5 units or other foreign languages spoken by Jewish communities as approved by the Judaic Studies Undergraduate Advisor. Other languages may include Arabic, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

HEBREW Language:

  • JUS 103A (1st semester Hebrew – 5 units)
  • JUS 103B (2nd semester Hebrew – 5 units)
  • JUS 203A (3rd semester Hebrew – 5 units) – Used in JUS Major Electives
  • JUS 203B (4th semester Hebrew – 5 units) – Used in JUS Major (4th Semester Language)


Up to three courses (9 credits) can be double dipped with a 2nd major.

JUS is a fantastic option for a 2nd major. The major typically requires about 10 courses.


Tier 2 Humanities Requirement - The Humanities requirement is satisfied by course work completed for the JUS major. 

Diversity Emphasis - JUS majors may use JUS 325, 370A, 370B, 372A, 372B or JUS 376 to fulfill their requirement for Diversity Emphasis Courses: Gender, Race, Class, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation or Non-Western Area Studies.

No courses used for the JUS major may be used for general education requirements. 

JUS 160D1 cannot be used in the JUS Major or JUS Minor.


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