Voice of Change - Professor Beth Alpert Nakhai | The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies

Voice of Change - Professor Beth Alpert Nakhai

10/04/2022 - 08:32


Professor Beth Alpert Nakhai joins award-winning South African author Lauren Jacobs on “Voice of Change” (Cape Pulpit 729AM; Cape Town, S. Africa) to unpack the archaeology of Biblical women. In this fascinating and lively discussion, Beth answers questions around “How do we ground Biblical women in the past?” and “How can we move beyond the modern obsession of moral application, towards historical examination of Biblical women?” Beth and Lauren also dig into findings that shed light on the lives of ancient Israelite women, and talk about what those finds can teach us about women’s lives in the world of yesterday.

Click here to listen: https://iono.fm/e/1223729


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