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Sol Littman's Recent Activities

05/13/2015 - 14:01

Here is an update on Sol Littman's recent activities in his own words:

Canada's National Archives in Ottawa holds some 71 boxes containing several hundred files of research material I collected over the years focused on Holocaust events and Nazi war criminals in a dozen European countries. On the advice of the archivists who systemized the material, the collection has been closed for 25 years and access is available only on my permission.

In the past year I have received several request for access by MA and Ph.D. students,  some of which I have allowed and others turned down after conversations with their mentors. Yesterday I received a request for access to the material on a couple of prominent pro-fascist Slovakian politicians  who,and played a leading role in gathering up and shipping Slovakia's Jews to Auschwitz. The request came from Professor Jerome S. Legge Associate Provost for Academic Planning at the University of Georgia.

I have received similar requests from United Nations personnel and several scholars who stated that they were using my book on the Ukrainian Waffen-SS in their courses.

Most surprising of all,was a request by journalist Kimberly Hartnett for permission to reproduce photos and some text from a book I compiled years and years ago on Harry Golden, author of "Only in America." Kimberly is writing a new Harry Golden biography.

Since I am obviously in a boastful mood, I must tell you that the ten lectures I gave at the JCC, five on the changing Jewish family and five on Jewish leadership during the Holocaust, went extremely well. We had 25 to thirty highly motivated seniors at each session.

For a change in mood and perspective, I will be giving a 12 week course at OLLI on "Slavery, the Cotton Trade and Emerging American Capitalism.

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