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Sol Littman's Book War Criminal on Trial Reprinted

03/25/2015 - 10:16

War Criminal on Trial: Rauca of Kaunas, by Sol Littman had been republished by and is also available online for free.

Book Summary: This reprint of the timeless 1983 book by the Canadian investigative reporter Sol Littman is a fascinating and disturbing account that is composed of two intriguing parts. First, Littman describes life within and the final “liquidation” of the Kovno ghetto (Kaunas, Lithuania) during World War II, giving the reader a vivid description of what it must have been like to try to survive that horrendous environment. Then he describes the search, hunt and extradition proceedings of Helmut Rauca, one of the main Nazi perpetrators in the murders of the Jews of the Kovno ghetto. Littman raised difficult questions about the role played by the Canadian Government in allowing Rauca and other suspected war criminals to find safe havens within its borders. This book is well worth reading.

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