The Harvey Weinstein in Your Industry

Oct. 25, 2017

"The scandal that unfolded after dozens of women accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and harassment over decades has brought renewed attention to sexual misconduct and discrimination in the workplace. After the first wave of allegations against the producer and former studio head, some focused on how Hollywood tends to promote and protect abuses by powerful men. But singling out one industry is a mistakeIn recent years, scandals, inequities, and patterns of abuse and mistreatment have been uncovered in nearly every field. There are common patterns across all of these, and yet each industry requires its own unique solutions. On this week’s episode of Game Plan, Becca and Francesca zero in on one you haven’t heard much about: archaeology. They talk to Beth Alpert Nakhai, an archaeologist and professor who’s working to make digs safer for women."Click here to listen to The Harvey Weinstein in Your Industry where Professor Beth Alpert Nakhai talks about sexual harrasment scandals across a wide variety of fields.Professor Beth Alpert Nakhai has also covered this topic during her Gender in Archaeology Today lecture.