The Burns film at The Tucson J and in Green Valley

Sept. 19, 2022

Director Ed Wright and Prof. Deborah Kaye participated in a screening and panel discussion about the Ken Burns 3-part Holocaust and Antisemitism film.  The events in Tucson (The Tucson J) and Green Valley (Green Valley Performing Arts Center) were very well attended (over 400 people at The Tucson J) and well received.You can view this 3 part series on PBS which aired Sunday, September 18thTHE U.S. AND THE HOLOCAUST “The Golden Door” (Beginnings-1938)Episode 1 | 2h 8m 43sVideo has closed captioning. After decades of maintaining open borders, a xenophobic backlash prompts Congress to pass its first laws restricting immigration. Meanwhile, in Germany, Hitler and the Nazis begin their persecution of Jewish people, causing many to try to flee to neighboring countries or America. Franklin Roosevelt and other world leaders are concerned by the growing refugee crisis but fail to coordinate a response. Aired: 09/18/22Expires: 10/16/22Rating: TV-14