Alumn Becomes Certified Cantor

July 23, 2021

Emily Ellentuck who received her Minor in Judaic Studies and her Major in Elementary Education from The University of Arizona just recently became a certified Cantor through the Cantors Assembly internship program. Emily has worked for M’Kor Hayim since 2009- first as a cantorial soloist, then as cantorial intern (after joining the Cantorial Intern of the Cantors Assembly “CICA”program), now she serves as their Cantor. Emily also teaches at the Tucson Hebrew Academy.  Judaic Studies: What excites you about this opportunity?Emily:  I am excited to take the skills that I learned through my cantorial training and apply them to services at M’Kor Hayim and my teaching at THA.Judaic Studies:  Did anything from UArizona or Judaic Studies prepare you for this? Emily:  My judaic studies minor helped me with my foundation in Hebrew language and Jewish history with Prof. Beth Nakhai.