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Hebrew Policy

Questions? Contact Hebrew@UA!

Students must receive a grade of a "C" or higher in order to advance to the subsequent semester of Modern Hebrew.

C-to-Advance Policy

The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies requires that all students taking Hebrew must receive a grade of C or better in order to advance to the subsequent semester of Hebrew study.

Credit-by-Exam for Students Receiving a Grade of D

Any student who received a D grade in Hebrew and would like to advance to the next level of Hebrew should contact Uri Maimon, Coordinator of the Hebrew Program, at (520) 626-5786 or maimonu@email.arizona.edu

The student can take The University of Arizona’s Hebrew Credit-by-Exam test for the semester in which s/he received the D. However......

  • The exam must be taken no later than the third day of class in the subsequent semester.
  • The Hebrew Credit-by-Exam grade will appear on the student’s transcript, along with the D already received.
  • If the student does not receive a grade of C or better in the Hebrew Credit-by-Exam test, then the student must retake the course in which the student received the D, if the student wishes to continue taking Hebrew courses.

Credit-by-Exam and Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO)

Enrolling in the Next Level of Hebrew

  • Students who receive a grade of C or better in the Hebrew Credit-by-Exam test may enroll in the next level of Hebrew. 
  • From the first day of the semester until the point at which the Hebrew Credit-by-Exam is graded, the student must attend all classes and complete all assignments.  If the student fails to do so, the student will not be registered for the class, regardless of the grade received on the Hebrew Credit-by-Exam test. Contact Judaic Studies for clarification.

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