The first weekend in May, the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies hosted the 2014 meeting of the Western Jewish Studies Association. Taking place in the Student Union Memorial Center and the Marriot University Park Hotel, panels ranged from topics like North African hip hop artists to Italian Jews and Fascism. Attendee Gerald H. Barkan wrote that, “the relatively small numbers allowed for an intimacy between presenters and attendees that encouraged interactions and greatly enhanced the... Read more

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What better way to get to know an instructor than through one of their students? Below is a tribute to Anat Maimon written by UA student Maxx-Kaitlynn (Gila) Reiff.

It doesn’t take long to recognize that Anat Maimon was born to teach. She has a true passion for education. She really cares about the success of her students. Right off the bat, I respect her for seeing every student as an equal and not playing favorites, which many of my teachers in the past have done. Any time she has... Read more

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On a large campus like the University of Arizona, it’s important to take every opportunity to personalize one’s learning experience. With the resources available at the Arizona State Museum, students in Professor Beth Alpert Nakhai’s classes get to experience a hands-on dimension, illuminating what they read about in textbooks.

Professor Nakhai takes several of her classes, including JUS 382, “Archaeology and the Bible”, to the ASM each semester. Nakhai appreciates the value of the... Read more

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For the first time ever, the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies is partnering with two archaeological excavations in Israel, The Jezreel Expedition and Tel Abel Beth Maacah Excavation. Each dig provides students with one-of-a-kind experiences that help bring classroom studies to life and add another dimension to the rich curriculum of Judaic Studies.

The Jezreel Expedition is co-directed by Dr. Jennie Ebeling of the University of Evansville and Dr. Norma Franklin of the University of... Read more

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Private Screening of the documentary film "Visa to Paradise"

Location: The Loft Theatre (screen three)
Date: April 26, 2014
Time: 7:30pm, reception to follow
This film is in Spanish with subtitles

rsvp required - space is limited
contact Jane Scott:
520 577-9393... Read more

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Jennie Ebeling, Associate Professor of Archaeology at the University of Evansville, has a special place in her heart for The University of Arizona. “UA was a great place to be. In terms of the resources available in the areas I was interested in, I was in the perfect place,” Ebeling said.

In addition to her position at the University of Evansville, Ebeling is currently a co-director of the Jezreel Expedition. Ebeling’s interest in archaeology was sparked during her undergraduate... Read more

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Valerie Schlegel, an undergraduate Judaic Studies student, had the incredible opportunity to work on an excavation at Tel Abel Beth Maacah last summer. Last month, she was asked to write a post for the ASOR blog about her experience as a young woman breaking into the field of archaeology.

Post date: Thu, 04/03/2014 - 13:13

As part of a series of posts on Women of Archaeology, Associate Professor Beth Nakhai wrote an article for the ASOR (American Schools of Oriental Research) blog. Entitled Women on ASOR's Board of Trustees, Professor Nakhai presents research she has been gathering about the leadership roles women have held in ASOR since its inception in 1900.

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Built in 1910, the building that is now the Jewish History Museum on South Stone Avenue has lived many lives. It was built to be the first synagogue in Tucson and served that purpose until 1949, when its founding congregation, Temple Emanu-El, outgrew the building and moved to a new home on Country Club, where it remains today. Between 1949 and 1982, the... Read more

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The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Magellan Circle Excursion.  This year J. Edward Wright, Director of the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies and the J. Edward Wright Endowed Professor of Judaic Studies, will be your guide as you explore a world where modern and ancient civilizations converge, forming a rich and vibrant culture.  The Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Israel &... Read more

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