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Did you know that the Hebrew language Program at The University of Arizona is one of the largest in the country? Did you also know that many non-Judaic studies Majors enroll in Modern Hebrew in order to fulfill the UA’s Foreign Language Requirement?

Follow the Hebrew@UA! tab to learn more about the Hebrew Language Program at The University of Arizona.

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Practice your Hebrew at Cafe Ivrit!
Come practice your Hebrew at Café IVRIT Beginners to advanced Hebrew language students can practice conversational Hebrew once a week! UA Hillel at Mountain and 2nd Ave.
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The first weekend in May, the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies hosted the 2014 meeting of the Western Jewish Studies Association. Taking place in the Student Union Memorial Center and the Marriot University Park Hotel, panels ranged from topics like North African hip hop artists to Italian Jews... read more
What better way to get to know an instructor than through one of their students? Below is a tribute to Anat Maimon written by UA student Maxx-Kaitlynn (Gila) Reiff. It doesn’t take long to recognize that Anat Maimon was born to teach. She has a true passion for education. She really cares about the... read more

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