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Did you know that the Hebrew language Program at The University of Arizona is one of the largest in the country? Did you also know that many non-Judaic studies Majors enroll in Modern Hebrew in order to fulfill the UA’s Foreign Language Requirement?

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Israel & Palestine: A Magellan Circle Excursion led by J. Edward Wright
The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Magellan Circle Excursion - "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Israel & Palestine"
Departure May 25, 2014 - Return June 4, 2014 Magellan Circle Excursions are unique in that they are group trips guided by professors and scholars within the... read more
The Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy
“To Israel and Back: University of Arizona-Israel Connections”
Although Israel is 7,500 miles from Tucson, for some in the Jewish community it may seem like a hop, skip and a jump away. During the High Holidays, we’re particularly conscious of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. For some Tucsonans affiliated with the University of Arizona, Israel has... read more
Practice your Hebrew at Cafe Ivrit!
Come practice your Hebrew at Café IVRIT Beginners to advanced Hebrew language students can practice conversational Hebrew once a week! UA Hillel at Mountain and 2nd Ave.
For more info contact... read more

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On a large campus like the University of Arizona, it’s important to take every opportunity to personalize one’s learning experience. With the resources available at the Arizona State Museum, students in Professor Beth Alpert Nakhai’s classes get to experience a hands-on dimension, illuminating what... read more
For the first time ever, the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies is partnering with two archaeological excavations in Israel, The Jezreel Expedition and Tel Abel Beth Maacah Excavation. Each dig provides students with one-of-a-kind experiences that help bring classroom studies to life and add another... read more

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