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David L. Graizbord

About David L. Graizbord

David Graizbord is a historian of early modern and modern Jews. To date his research has focused mostly on the Western Sephardi Diaspora of the seventeenth century. In particular, Graizbord's writing approaches questions of religious, social, and political identity as these questions shaped the lives of so-called "New Christians" or "conversos" from the Iberian Peninsula who became Jews in exile.  He has also written about Judeophobia and the culture of the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions; marginality and dissidence in Jewish and Ibero-Catholic societies of the seventeenth century; ethnicity and religion among Sephardim from medieval times to the 1700s; and converso trading networks in the Atlantic. More recently he has published research on Jewish ethnic identity and Zionism among American Jews. His book, The New Zionists: Young American Jews, Jewish National Identity, and Israel, was issued by Rowman & Littlefield in 2020.  Graizbord teaches undergraduate courses on Jewish civilization, medieval and early modern Jewish history, modern Jewish history, Jewish mysticism (its history and principal phenomena), the Spanish Inquisition, and the history of Antisemitism.  His repertoire of graduate courses--offered primarily to students in the History Department's Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies--focuses on early modern Jewish history and Ibero-Catholic history.  Graizbord serves as Program Leader of the UofA's faculty-led Summer Study Abroad Program, "Arizona in Israel."  


ed., Early Modern Jewish Civilization: An Introduction (Routledge, under review)

Renouncing and Denouncing the Nation: Jews and Former Jews Against the Jewish People, from The Middle Ages to the Eve of Modernity (in progress).  

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Contact Information

David L. Graizbord
Ph.D., Associate Professor, Associate Director, Judaic Studies
Telephone: (520) 626-5758
Office: (520) 626-5758
Office Hours: Currently enrolled students should refer to the course syllabus


 Ph.D. in History, University of Michigan, 2000.

Courses Taught

Jewish Civilization (JUS 301--Tier II)

History of the Jews: The Medieval and Early Modern Periods (JUS/RELI/HIST 370B--Tier II)

History of the Jews: The Modern Period (JUS/RELI/HIST 370A--TIer II)

Jewish Mysticism: Its History and Principal Phenomena (JUS/RELI 435/535)

The Spanish Inquisition (JUS/HIST 454/554)

Early Modern Europe: The Jews of Early Modern Europe (HIST 696F, "The Division Seminar")

Introduction to Early Modern Studies: Women and Gender in Early Modern Jewish History (GWS 610)

Special Topics in Social Science: Jewish Identity in Historical Perspective (HON 195)

Special Topics in Social Science: Narratives of Jewish Identity (HON 195)