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Spring 2021 Lecture Series

Spring 2021 brought many great speakers online through our lecture series.  You can watch them here or watch them on The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies Youtube channel, Judaic Studies University of Arizona

The Marcus Breger Memorial Lectureship Series
Dr. Yizhar Hess, Ph.D.
"Confessions of a Hopeful Realist: The Astonishing Role of Relgion and State in Israeli Politics"

The Sally & Ralph Duchin Campus Lecture Series
Dr. Gila Silverman, Ph.D.
"May You Be Comforted: An Anthropological Look at Jewish Morning"

The Jeffrey Plevan Memorial Lectureship Series
Dr. Erika Falk, Ph.D.
"Gender Inequality in Israel Studies"

The Shaol & Louis Pozez Memorial Lectureship Series
Prof. Joan Branham, Ph.D.
"Constructing the Sacred in the Art and Architecture of Ancient Judaism and Medieval Christianity"

The Shaol & Louis Pozez Memorial Lectureship Series
Prof. Gary Rendsburg, Ph.D.
"Jewish Texts, from Parchment to the Internet"

The Raphael Patai Memorial Lectureship Series
Prof. Andrea Berlin, Ph.D.
"A Tale of Two Peoples: Phoenicians and Jews at Kedesh"