"Morphological Structures of Semitic Languages" | The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies

"Morphological Structures of Semitic Languages"

FRIDAY, October 28, 2011

Rina Kreitman, Hebrew Program Director at Columbia University.

Sponsored by The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies, The Center for Middle East Studies, 
The Department of Linguistics & The Tucson Marriott University Park

In her presentation, Rina Kreitman will explore the differences between the morphology (the identification, analysis and description of the structure of small units of meaning in a language) of the English and Semitic languages. She will discuss the grammatical principles underlying the mechanisms of the morphological structures (templates) of Semitic verbs.
She will further explore the similarities among Semitic languages (Hebrew and Arabic) that unite them as a language family and distinguish them from other languages of the world.

A native of Israel, Dr.Rina Kreitman has devoted her professional career to the study of the Hebrew Language. After graduating from Tel- Aviv University, Dr.Kreitman pursued her Masters and Ph.D at Cornell University in Linguistics. Dr. Kreitman held the position of the Hebrew program Coordinator at Emory University in Atlanta, and she is currently the Director of the Hebrew program at Columbia University.


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