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Mind and Heart (Sekhel veLev)

Adult Education Outreach

Sekhel veLev, Mind & Heart comes to a close

Sekhel veLev "Mind & Heart"  was created in 2000 by Israel Rubin (z”l), Yale Palchick, Barbara Rosenblum and other members of Tucson’s Jewish community as a way to encourage life-long learning. Even after Israel’s untimely death in the fall of 2000, Sehkel veLev continued to give participants the opportunity to enjoy courses taught by some of The University of Arizona’s most outstanding professors on topics that range from archaeology, ancient and modern Jewish history, Biblical Studies, the politics of the Middle East and Israel, Jewish music and literature and even ancient Hebrew. 

Under the direction of Sol Littman and Jeanne Davenport, Mind and Heart ran for thirteen years until it 's final season in 2013.  Over the years Sol and Jeanne watched the series grow and evolve into a vibrant program that wasn't just a classroom full of students taking a class, but a gathering of friends.  Along the way they lost a few and gained a few and eventually Mind and Heart ran its course


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