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Leonard Hammer

I am one of four editors collaborating on a new textbook for undergraduates and graduate students who study human rights (Routledge; 2023-2024). The textbook is based on conversations between UArizona lecturers and human rights actors and activists, as part of the coursework offered in the University’s Human Rights Practice graduate program. (I co-created this program, together with Prof. Bill Simmons.) The new book includes more than 35 chapters, filled with conversations and discussions with people in the field. This means that it offers students real insights into what human rights actually are, and into how human rights are applied and implemented. It also offers links to external sources that encourage readers to get involved in a variety of human rights initiatives. Judaic Studies students can study issues of human rights with myself, in JUS 384 (“International Human Rights, Transitional Justice, and Israel”). This course is offered during the academic year and also in our 2023 Study Abroad program, Summer in Israel–and Zambia, which is led by myself and Prof. David Graizbord.