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JUS 301 Jewish Civilizations: A Gateway Course

Honors section is available, but requires permission from the instructor.
Honors section will have additional assignments and meeting times.
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This course is required for all students declaring a JUS major or minor after July 1, 2009 and strongly recommended for current JUS majors and minors.

Intended as an introductory survey and as a gateway to more specialized courses in Judaic studies, this course we will explore Jewish Civilization through selected topics that will address the questions of how and why Jews and their Israelite forbears created, recreated, and gave expression to their culture(s), and what significance that has had for them and for history. An overarching goal of the course is that, in the course of exploring these questions, you will develop a disciplined understanding of, and a basic store of knowledge about, Jewish Civilization.

JUS 301 satisfies the University’s Tier II requirements.

For course syllabus, currently enrolled students go to the D2L website.

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