The Jeffrey Plevan Memorial Lecture

May his memory be a blessing!

In 2013, Betsy and Ken Plevan graciously and generously endowed the Jeffrey Plevan Memorial Lecture in Israel Studies to honor the memory of their son Jeffrey Plevan.  Jeff graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in History and Minor in Judaic Studies and is fondly remembered by those who knew him as an infectious and upbeat person with an endless supply of curiosity, enthusiasm, passion for learning, and a profound love for Judaism, Israel, and the University of Arizona.  To remember Jeff and his contributions to Judaic Studies and the University of Arizona, the Jeffrey Plevan Memorial Lecture seeks to shed new light on topics that interested Jeff and to promote the key values that Jeff cherished.

To read a short memoir on Jeffery Plevan's life click here.

The next lecture in this Series will feature David Makovsky on April 9th, 2018 see the link for more information. Makovsky will deliver his lecture entitled "sfdkjfslfj".

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