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Hebrew Language Proficiency Exams

Hebrew Proficiency Exams should not be confused with Hebrew Credit-by-Exam orHebrew Placement Exams.

Hebrew Proficiency Exams will appear on a student's transcript, but they will notappear as credit or grade.

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What are Proficiency/Competency Examinations?

Proficiency/competency examinations enable students to satisfy second language requirements by taking an exam rather than enrolling in a course or taking the Hebrew Credit-by-Exam tests. Special examinations are constructed and administered by the Hebrew Program in the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies.  They are designed to reflect and explore the scholastic equivalent of the requisite course.  They may be oral, written or both, and may be more comprehensive than the usual "final exam."

    UA policy on Proficiency Exams

How Do They Work?

The student must pass a non-credit proficiency examination at the two- (JUS 103B) or four- (JUS 203B) semester level, depending upon the requirements within the student’s major and/or college.

  • Passing the proficiency examination at the required level fulfills the University language requirement.
  • Passing a course for which the required level is prerequisite also establishes proficiency in that language.

Proficiency Exams Grading

  • Students will be awarded “proficiency” only if they receive a grade of 80% or better on the exam.
  • Students will not receive University credit or a grade for passing the proficiency exam.

May Students Take Proficiency Exams More Than Once?

  • Students may take a proficiency exam only one time.  Proficiency exams are linked to the Hebrew Program curriculum and are designed to measure what a test taker already knows.  The only exception for allowing a student to take the exam a second time would be if, subsequent to taking the first exam, the student had a long-term immersion experience that drastically changed her/his knowledge base and therefore her/his proficiency level.

Can Anyone Take a Proficiency Exam?

  • Any Hebrew speaking student enrolled in a degree program at The University of Arizona is eligible to take the Hebrew Credit by Exam test granted they are given permission from the Coordinator of the Modern Hebrew Program.  A change in policy now allows native Hebrew speakers to participate in the Hebrew Credit by Exam Program.

When Are Proficiency Exams Given?

  • Proficiency/competency or exemption examinations are normally given early in the semester or during orientation.

Preparing for the Exam

  • The responsibility of preparing for Proficiency Exams rests entirely with the student. 
  • Faculty members are under no obligation to assist with test preparation.

Cost of Exam

  • The Bursar's Office requires a fee of $21 per unit.
  • The Testing Office requires a fee of $15 per exam.
  • Judaic Studies will charge a $30 grading fee to your Bursar's account.


  • Schedule an appointment with Prof. Anat Maimon, Coordinator of the Modern Hebrew Program (maimon@email.arizona.edu).
  • Bring your CatCard to the office, in order to schedule your exam.
  • For exam results, come in person, with your CatCard, to the Judaic Studies office, one week after you take the exam. 
  • No results will be given by email or over the phone.
  • Exam results, if successful, are reported by the Judaic Studies office, in writing directly to the Office of the Registrar.  A copy of the Certification of Proficiency in a Second Language form is given to the student.
  • The Registrar’s Office will annotate the student's academic record with a statement indicating the student passed the proficiency examination at the appropriate level.

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