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Hebrew Language Placement

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Hebrew Placement Exams should not be confused with Hebrew Credit-by-Exam orHebrew Language Proficiency exams.

Students will  not be allowed to register for JUS 103b, 203a, 203b or 303 without demonstrating the appropriate course prerequisites or without permission from the Head of the Hebrew Program.

What are Placement Exams?

Placement Exams are informal examinations that allow the Head of the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies’ Hebrew Program to determine a student’s placement in the appropriateModern Hebrew course.

  • No Placement Exam is necessary for first semester Hebrew (JUS 103A- Elementary Modern Hebrew).
  • Placement Exams are necessary for all students who want to register in JUS 103B, 203A and 203B, who have not taken the preceding course at The University of Arizona. 

When Are Placement Exams Given?

  • Placement Exams are normally given prior to the start of the semester for which the student wants to take Modern Hebrew.
  • For incoming freshman, Placement Exams should be done prior to the start of the first semester.
  • For all other students, Placement Exams should be taken prior to course registration. 

Preparing for the Placement Exam

  • No specific preparation for the exam is needed, since the goal of the exam is to assess the student’s knowledge and to place the student in the appropriate Hebrew course. 
  • In any case, faculty members are under no obligation to assist with exam preparation.

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