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JUS 376 German Jewish Writers


Also available as an honors course.

This course will focus on the contributions of Jewish writers to German literature. In each case, a reading of the writer’s works will include an examination of that writer’s dual identity as Jew and as German, and a questioning of how this duality is reflected in the writer’s texts. Issues of assimilation/acculturation, Jewish identification, and Jewish self-hatred will all be discussed. Students will examine a wide variety of texts, ranging from purely literary texts — poetry, prose, and drama — to works of philosophy and political science.

Identical with: GER 376 (For German credit, contact German - the home department).

For more on this course go to:http://german.arizona.edu/jews-judaism-german-culture

For course syllabus, currently enrolled students go to the D2L website.

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None but recommended are two courses from Tier One or JUS 301 Jewish Civilizations: A Gateway Course.

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