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Conference Participants

Prof. R. Amy Elman

Prof. Miriam F. Elman

Dr. Aleksandra Gliszczyńska–Grabias

Alma Hernandez

Günther Jikeli, Ph.D.

Dr. Matthias Küntzel, Ph.D.

Lidia Isabel Lerner, M.A.

Prof. Stephen H. Norwood

Dr. Eunice G. Pollack

Prof. Alvin H. Rosenfeld
Prof. Philip Spencer

Steven M. Wasserstrom, Ph.D.

Antisemitism Conference Participants
February 23 -24, 2020

Prof. R. Amy Elman, Ph.D., Weber Professor in Social Science, Kalamazoo College
Lecture Title: Progressive Mobilizations and the Death of Civil Society
Prof. Miriam F. Elman, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science, Syracuse University
Lecture Title: Jewish Voice for Peace: How Far Left Jews Are Giving Cover to Contemporary Antisemitism in the United States
Dr. Aleksandra Gliszczyńska–Grabias Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the Poznań Human Rights Center at the Institute of Law Studies of The Polish Academy of Science
Lecture Title: Burning Effigies, Jew-haters as TV Stars, and Lawsuits against Holocaust Scholars: The Curious Case of Polish Antisemitism

Alma Hernandez, Member of the Arizona House of Representative, District 3

Lecture: TBD
Günther Jikeli, Ph.D., Erna B. Rosenfeld Professor in Jewish Studies, Indiana University
Lecture Title: Contemporary Antisemitism Among Muslims
Matthias Küntzel (Hamburg)
Lecture Title: Origins of Antisemitism in the Middle East
Lidia Isabel Lerner, M.A., Researcher in the Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry, Tel Aviv University
Lecture Title: Tropes and Vocabulary of Political Antisemitism in Latin America, the Venezuelan Case
Prof. Stephen H. Norwood, Ph.D., Professor of History, University of Oklahoma
Lecture Title: Communists, the Contemporary Left, and Islamic Antisemitism   
Dr. Eunice G. Pollack, Ph.D., Historian and Author
Lecture Title: The Nation of Islam’s Racial Antisemitism
Prof. Alvin H. Rosenfeld, Ph.D., Irving M. Glazer Chair in Jewish Studies, Indiana University
Lecture Title: The Use and Abuse of the Holocaust in Contemporary Political Discourse
Prof. Philip Spencer, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Kingston University and Visiting Professor of Politics at Birkbeck, University of London   
Lecture Title: Antisemitism, the Labour Party and the Left in the UK: The Return of the “Jewish Question”
Steven M. Wasserstrom, Ph.D., The Moe and Izetta Tonkon Professor of Judaic Studies and the Humanities, Reed College
Lecture Title: 1992 as an Inflection Point in the History of White Supremacy: Reflections of a Participant-Observer