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The Biblical Hebrew Program

" "Meet the Biblical Hebrew Faculty

The University of Arizona Biblical Hebrew Faculty

Beth Alpert Nakhai,  Associate Professor

J. Edward Wright, Director and The J. Edward Wright Endowed Professor of Judaic Studies


Introductory Biblical Hebrew (409A) - Also available as 509a
The first year of Biblical Hebrew introduces students to the basic grammar and syntax of the Hebrew Bible.  It emphasizes the function of the verb, the use of the noun and the acquisition of basic vocabulary.  Students learn to translate narrative prose and may look at poetry, as well.  This course is open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Advanced Biblical Hebrew (409B) - Also available as 509b
The second year of Biblical Hebrew builds on the skills acquired in Introductory Biblical Hebrew.  It emphasizes advanced grammar and syntax.  Students read narrative and poetic texts, and also consider ancient Hebrew inscriptions. They learn how to use the standard scholarly tools for studying ancient Hebrew. This course is open to undergraduate and graduate students.

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