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Jewish Civilizations
Apocalyptic Imagination
Women in Judaism
History and Religion of Ancient Israel
The History and Religion of Ancient Israel
Archaeology and the Bible
God and the Problem of Evil
The History of Heaven
JUS 438
The Book of Psalms
Women in Ancient Israel

The people of Ancient Israel established a national identity and a religious tradition that have transcended time. Naturally, how these people expressed that identity and tradition evolved through time. Nonetheless, we can honestly speak of Judaic civilizations that now stretch back over 3,000 years. Our study of Ancient Israel examines the intellectual (what they thought) and material (what they created) world of the people who laid the foundations for Judaic civilizations in all their diversity. An understanding of this period in Judaic civilization is critical for understanding Jewish history and religion as well as the origins of Christianity. 

Meet the Experts


J. Edward Wright, PhD, Director                               Beth Alpert Nakhai, PhD
The J. Edward Wright Endowed                     Associate Professor, Judaic Studies
   Professor of Judaic Studies                         
      Early Judaic Literature                                      Syro-Palestinian Archaeology
            and Religion                                                        and Biblical Studies
         Abbi Limmer, PhD                                                  Kerry Adams, PhD
Instructor, Career Track, Judaic Studies                         Executive Director
                                                                                       American Institute for
           Ancient Israel                                                         Maghrib Studies          
            Mark Elliott, PhD
Instructor, Career Track, Judiac Studies
              Ancient Israel

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