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About The Sally and Ralph Duchin Campus Lecture Series

Sally and Ralph Duchin are well known for their deep involvement in the Tucson community and The University of Arizona. They have also become interested in the work of The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies.  The Duchins enjoyed attending Judaic Studies events and wanted to find a way to support the work of the Center. They approached Center Director Prof. Ed Wright and asked what he thought the Center needed at this time. Since the Center was already running several successful community programs, together they decided to create a campus lecture series designed primarily to reach students, faculty and staff. They said that they “would be more than happy to back such an endeavor.” They noted that they are “pleased that the University has developed a center of excellence in Judaic Studies and are proud to support the Center and ensure its success.”

According to Prof. Wright, “the purpose of the Sally and Ralph Duchin Lecture Series is to showcase the connections between Judaic Studies and virtually all other academic units on campus. Judaic Studies has something to contribute to them and vice versa.” The Center is based on its understanding of Judaic Studies as an interdisciplinary enterprise. The more it engages with other units, the more integral it becomes to the success of the University. The Duchin Campus Lecture Series is a central component of that commitment. 


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