Modern Israel Conference 2015


Sun, 12/06/2015 - 09:00 to Mon, 12/07/2015 - 15:30


Israel's Place in the Changing Middle East                                    

Leading Israeli scholars including Itamar Rabinovich, who is also a former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Prof. Asher Susser and other international experts will address the political, economic and military challenges that Israel faces in the new Middle Eastern regional context. The region has been overtaken in recent years by the rather disappointing outcome of the so-called “Arab Spring” as national conflicts, sectarian civil wars and serious economic challenges rock the Middle East. Shiite Iran and its proxies battle for regional hegemony against their Sunni Arab neighbors. Iran’s nuclear program has increased political tensions and threatens to further destabilize the region. In the emerging new balance of power between Shi’is and Sunnis, ISIS fighters continue to spread their influence and ideology, as they dismember the old Arab state order in the process.  


This conference will explore how Israel deals with these new regional realities, while it faces vexing internal social, political, and economic challenges. What are the contours of the internal Israeli debate on Iran? What is the impact of the disintegration of states in the region on Israel’s security doctrine? How does Israel deal with radical non-state actors that are filling the void and who also seek its demise? How do the significant changes in the market for Middle Eastern resources (declining demand for Arab oil in the US and Israel’s discovery of huge reservoirs of natural gas in the Mediterranean) impact upon Israel’s regional stature?  The conference speakers will discuss the current situation and offer insights into what Israel and its neighbors might do next, future developments that will have a great impact on US policies in the region.





Dr. Asher Susser                                          Prof. Yael Aronoff                                   Prof. Ami Pedahzur
Judaic Studies                                              Chair of Israel Studies                             Israel Studies
The University of Arizona                            MIchigan State University                     The University of Texas as Austin
Israel's Place in a Changing Region        Straddling Deterrence and                 The power of ideological zeal:
- An Historical Overview                         Restraint:  Israel's Dilemmas              How radical political factions redefined 
                                                                   In Asymmetric Wars                            the Israeli-Palestinian conflict



Dr. Khalil Shikaki                                    Prof. Shai Feldman                                  Simon Henderson
Director                                                   Director                                                   Baker Fellow
Palestinian Center for Policy                  Middle East Studies                               Washington Institute for
and Survey Research                              Brandeis University                                Near Eastern Policy
Is the Two-State Solution Dead?        Is the Two-State Solution Dead?       Israel's Energy Potential -
- The Palestinian Perspective              - The Israeli Perspective                    What Should Happen but What Could Happen.



Prof. David Menashri                             
Senior Research Fellow                          
Alliance Center for                           
Iranian Studies                                       
Iran, Israel and the U.S.:                     
A View from Tel Aviv                          

Event Details

This Conference will take place in the Grand Ballroom of the Student Union at the University of Arizona.

Parking is available at the 2nd Street Garage, 1390 E. 2nd St., Tucson, AZ

Conference Schedule

Sunday, December 6th:  9 AM - 3:00 PM
Monday, December 7th: 9 AM - 3:00 PM

Conference Dinner

Featured Speaker

The Struggle for Syria Revisited:
Syria as the focal point of regional
and international politics

On Monday, December 7th at 7 PM in the Grand Ballroom of the Student Union at the University of Arizona.

A reception will be held at 5:30pm for Conference Sponsors. For sponsorship information click !Here!





The University of Arizona Memorial Student Union
1303 E University Blvd
85719 Tucson , AZ