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Study Abroad in Israel


Jewish Civillization
(JUS/HIST/RELI 301, Tier II)
Modern Jewish History
Medieval and Early Modern Jewish History
Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism
(JUS/HIST/RELI 435/535)
International Human Rights, Transitional Justice, and Israel
Independent Study
(JUS 399)
(JUS 493)

2018 Arizona Israel Program Scholarship Awards

Kyle Burns
$1,505 Jack & Irene Sarver Memorial Scholarship
$995 Weintraub Israel Study Award
Austin Crittenden
$2,500 Jack & Irene Sarver Memorial Scholarship
Gabrielle Fisher
$2,500 Florence Kaiserman Memorial Scholarship
Emily Stanich
$2,500 Weintraub Israel Study Award
Thank you to the Sarver, Weintraub and Kaiserman families and to the Weintraub Israel Center for your generious support.


The "Arizona in Israel" Study abroad program offered by The Arizona Center for
Judaic Studies is a 'hands-on' introduction to a dynamic modern society deeply
rooted in an ancient culture, situated in one of the world's most important
historical crossroads.  Courses have a robust field trip/field work component.
Students will be introduced to historical sites (ancient/Medieval/Modern),
unique collections of Judaic and ancient Near Eastern Artifacts in Israeli
museums; and will be introduced to modern Israeli communities and institutions
including NGOs and the Israeli Parliament.
Date of study may be divided between Tel Aviv University (Tel Aviv) and the Hebrew University (Jerusalem)

Application Deadline is February 25, 2019

Open to UofA and non-UofA Students.

For more information and to fill out an online application please go to Arizona in Israel.

Financial Aid Opportunities

- UofA Office Scholarships and Financial Aid

- College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

- The Arizona Center for Judaic Studies

- MASA Israel (Non-UofA, Restrictive)

JOIN US! Learn about Israel in Israel.

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